READING MATTERS (in more ways than one)


In RAGGED EDGE (bimonthly magazine of "the disability experience") March/April 1997: "Raymond Luczak's previous books include EYES OF DESIRE: A DEAF GAY & LESBIAN READER (Alyson Publications) and his first book of poems, ST MICHAEL'S FALL (Deaf Life Press)." The bimonthly reprinted two of Luczak's copyrighted poems, "Algae" (a touching farewell to a friend) and "Mute" ('My hands wish to fly free of my voice, not caring any more whether you understand...'), from his next book of poems, MUTE, which is seeking a publisher.


A student brought this verse to DA's attention DA:
My sense of sight is very keen,
My sense of hearing weak;
One time I saw a mountain pass,
But could not hear its peak.

From "My sense of sight", by Oliver Herford. (The last line could read: "But could not hear it speak".)


... have come out with their 1997 catalogue. Among their Deaf-related materials produced by the Center for Hearing Loss in Children at the Boys Town National Research Hospital are the following:

>>> READ WITH ME video series -- Set 1: SHARING THE JOY OF STORYTELLING WITH YOUR DEAF TODDLER, by signers Franky Ramont, Brenda Schick [now of the University of Colorado, Boulder] and Mary Pat Moeller, available in ASL (American Sign Language) or SEE II (Signing Exact English), $19.95; Set 2: Maurice Sendak's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, signed by Tom Holcomb, and Hans Wilhelm's MORE BUNNY TROUBLE, signed by Franky Ramont, ASL only, $13.99; and Set 3: Keiko Kasza's THE WOLF'S CHICKEN STEW, signed by Tom Holcomb, and Dr Seuss' HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, signed by Franky Ramont, ASL only, $13.99. Save: $42.99 for all 3 videos (ASL only). The first 3 stories also available in paperback, $4.49 each; the Dr Seuss book in hardcover, $12.50. Save: $69.99 for all 3 videos and all 4 books.

>>> SIGN WITH ME video/workbook series, available in either ASL or SEE II, all by Brenda Schick and Mary Pat Moeller -- Volume 1: BUILDING CONVERSATIONS; Volume 2: BUILDING CONCEPTS; and Volume 3: POSITIVE PARENTING, $59.95 each, or $165.00 for all 3 volumes, volumes 2 and 3 closed-captioned.

>>> Advice for parents videos -- FAMILIES WITH DEAF CHILDREN and (developed by Illinois Educational Audiology Association) FAMILIES WITH HARD-OF-HEARING CHILDREN, $19.99 each, or $34.99 for both videos, both closed-captioned.

>>> "Common-sense parenting videos" now open-captioned -- Volume 1: HELPING YOUR CHILD SUCCEED, and Volume 2: TEACHING RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR, $29.95 each, or $49.99 for 2 volumes.

Order from Boys Town Press --
800 282 6657 (TTY not indicated); fax 402 498 1125
web site:
13603 Flanagan Boulevard, Boys Town, NE 68010

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