READING MATTERS (in more ways than one)


"A sampling of interesting and noteworthy [deaf-related] publications" listed in RESEARCH AT GALLAUDET, January 1997:

A JOURNEY INTO THE DEAF WORLD, by Ben Bahan, Robert Hoffmeister, and Harlan Lane; Dawn Sign Press, San Diego, California, 1996.

DEAF HERITAGE IN CANADA, by Clifton F Carbin; McGraw Hill Ryerson Ltd, Toronto, Canada, 1996.

MULTICULTURAL ASPECTS OF SOCIOLINGUISTICS IN DEAF COMMUNITIES, by Ceil Lucas; Gallaudet University Press, Washington, D.C., 1996.

THE POLITICS OF DEAFNESS, by Owen Wrigley; Gallaudet University Press, Washington, D.C., 1996.

Also reviewed in the same issue: GESTURE AND THE NATURE OF LANGUAGE, by David F Armstrong, William C Stokoe, and Sherman E Wilcox; Cambridge University Press, 1995.

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Says Sue Grafton, mystery writer: "Make a show of your reading. Let your children see the pleasure you take in reading a good book. Let them see that you can't wait to finish dinner so you can get into your pajamas and read."
-- Source: Jeffrey Zaslow's "Straight Talk" column, U S A WEEKEND, 7-9 February 1997.


Says Joanne Jacobs, columnist: "The Internet is not a teacher. It is a very large, very badly organized library. It can be a superb research tool, vastly expanding access to information. It can be a huge waste of time. Users must be able to distiguish [among] knowledge, nonsense, trivia, hysteria, and hype. Before students can use the Internet to expand their understanding of the world, they will have to learn a great deal from human teachers. ... They have to learn to read well."
-- In THE DENVER POST, 13 February 1997.

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