READING MATTERS (in more ways than one)

From SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR (1985), by William F Buckley Jr:

[In Spain] "... The prosecutor then triumphantly produced a deaf-mute who had been walking down the street at the critical moment. The prosecutor sat him down on a bale of hay that served as a witness stand and wrote on a pad of paper, 'Point to the man you saw taking the picture last Monday when Captain Brujo was shot.' The deaf-mute, wearing a coat and tie and sweating, pointed to where Lorca was standing, handcuffed. The prosecutor rested his case.

[Later] "'Really, Ramirez,' said [the defendant] to the prosecutor, 'can't you come up with something better than a deaf-mute?'

"Ramirez ... shrugged his shoulders: 'It is a question of supply and demand,' he said. 'The demand is very heavy these days.'"

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