DR GERTRUDE GALLOWAY (born-Deaf), superintendent of the Marie H Katzenbach School for the Deaf, New Jersey, was the featured interviewee in A T & T RELAY REVIEW, Winter 1997.

"Sportingly yours" WILLIAM N "BILL" FRASER writes (25 February 1997): "It looks like 10 of our senior citizens will go to the National Association of Senior Citizens convention in Phoenix, Arizona, 23-27 April 1997 -- RON FAUCETT, BETTY and JERRY MOERS, DONNA and FRANCIS MOG, CAROL E SPONABLE, BOB and ELAINE WOODY, and others. [The DENVER METRO DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS recently voted to purchase a Colorado flag for the convention.] JERRY MOERS will take the flag."

BILL also notes that: DICK ANDERSON was in hospital for two weeks with a spinal blood clot, and is OK now; MARTIN BERG will have an eye operation.

>>> From SEE THE GOOD NEWS, February 1997:

At the 8 February 1997 meeting of the LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League), DOLLY KELIHER accepted another two-year term as LWML president. HELEN LAPPIN decided to step down after many years (and with many thanks from all) as vice president and Christian Growth committee chairman; she was replaced by MARJORIE KLISH. INGE LIPP accepted another two-year term as treasurer, as did BETH MATTHEWS as secretary.

"Although HERMAN BUTLER is in a home in Colorado Springs, his mind is still very active in the many ways he can serve God." In a recent letter, he said, "I like to look west out of my window where I can see the mountains. It always brings to my mind Psalm 121:1-2, 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from where comes my help. My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.'"

THE REV DONALD ZUHN, Lutheran pastor for the Deaf, Houston, Texas, former pastor for Bethel Deaf Lutherans in Colorado, is continuing to recuperate from the stroke he had in October 1996. "His left arm remains paralyzed and he cannot see very well. His mind is clear, his humor is good, and his determination is great."

>>> From the MINUTES of the Longs Peak Chapter/Colorado Association of the Deaf (LPC/CAD), meeting, 18 January 1997 (received 15 February 1997):

ROY HALPERN was voted the new treasurer of the LPC/CAD, replacing ERIC NEUMAN. Eric and his wife, VICKI, are moving to Wyoming.

LAUREL ALEXIS MCWILLLIAMS, 7 pounds 7 ounces, was born to LANCE and SONJA MCWILLIAMS on 26 January 1997.

SAMUEL PAUL ROBERT VASQUEZ, 7 pounds 12 ounces, was born to ROBYN and VALENTINO VASQUEZ on 30 January 1997.

LPC/CAD secretary MELISSA SPELL and president KAREN NILES are co-chairmen for the LPC annual spring banquet -- details to come.

LPC/CAD voted to establish a "closed captioning theatre committee" to seek out northern Colorado theater(s) willing to show (closed-) captioned movies. Would-be committee members are asked to contact MARIE CACCIATORE, KAREN NILES, KARL OLANDER, or MELISSA SPELL.

NAD president BEN SOUKUP will be on leave of absence for 4 months this spring to tour the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. Purpose: to visit each state and gather Deaf-community-related information. It's said that he plans to travel in an RV or a van. NAD would like a "name" to identify this tour.

>>> From THE DEAF COLORADAN, January/February 1997:

MARCI BAER and LORI MOERS have resigned as co-chairmen of the Colorado Association of the Deaf 1997 convention committee "for personal reasons, ... nothing to do with the CAD itself." Their resignation was accepted with many thanks -- much of the planning and paperwork for the convention is done -- and replacement(s) will be annonced soon.

The CAD state board voted ROGER ROBB to be director of the 1997 Miss Deaf Colorado pageant (MCDP), replacing PATTI WOLFANGLE who was applauded for serving 10 years in this position.

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