DATE: 1 November 1996.

FROM: Communication Service for the Deaf, 605 367 5760, 102 North Krohn Place, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

POSITION: Division Director of CSD of Colorado.

[Following are excerpts.]

DESCRIPTION: Assist the vice president of CSD in supervision of CSD office in Denver; seek and write grants; coordinate delivery of services; serve as advocate; provide leadership.

RESPONSIBILITIES: develop and write grants; develop and prepare division policies; attend scheduled administrative meetings; ensure that needs are met; perform other duties as assigned; maintain contact with CSD vice president.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience/skills in -- writing grants, working with the Deaf community, organizing and presenting information. Must be -- familiar with Deaf culture and legal rights, able to communicate effectively and demonstrate ability to advocate, fluent in ASL. Must possess strong administrative, organizational, and leadership skills.

SALARY: Negotiable, depending on experience and qualifications.

BENEFITS: Health and life insurances, 403(b) retirement, vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, and Flex (Section 125) Plan.

DEADLINE: Open until qualified applicant is hired.

INQUIRIES, RESUMES, JOB APPLICATIONS TO: Greg Gunderson, Human Resources Officer [phone number and address at top].

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Excerpted from A F Dimmock's column in BRITISH DEAF NEWS, November 1996:

The world's first public memorial to a hearing guide dog was unveiled by Brian Langton, Minister for Transport and Tourism, Australia.

The sculptured memorial is located at the Central Railway Station in Sydney, New South Wales. It is a tribute to Donna, a hearing dog described by deaf owner John Hogan as a close friend and constant companion. The dog died May 1996, age 20. It is recognized by the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the world's longest living hearing dog.

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Anonymous flyer, picked up in the UK by DA:

"In the beginning was The Plan, and then came the Assumptions, and the Assumptions were without form, and The Plan was completely without Substance, and Darkness was upon the faces of the workers.

"And they spoke unto their group heads, saying: 'The Plan is a crock full of sh*t and it stinks.'

"And the group heads went unto their managers and said unto them: 'It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.'

"And the managers went unto their director and said unto him: 'It is a vessel of fertilizer and none may abide its strength.'

"And the director went unto the executive director and said unto him: 'It contains that which aids plant growth and is very strong.'

"And the executive director went unto the vice president and said unto him: 'It promotes growth and is very powerful.'

"And the vice president went unto the president and said unto him: 'This powerful new Plan will actively promote growth and efficiency of the department and this area in particular.'

"And the president looked upon The Plan and saw that it was good, and The Plan became The Policy."

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Among the "tips for interacting with the disabled" (Associated Press, in THE DENVER POST, December 15, 1996) was this:

"To get the attention of someone with a hearing impairment [sic], tap the person on the shoulder or wave. If the person can read lips, stay in the light, and keep food, hands, and other objects away from your mouth. Written notes also help."

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