EDUCATION [pre-grade through post-grad]
EDUCATION [pre-grade through post-grad]

At the University of Northern Colorado, applications are being accepted for several positions. [source - - THE DENVER POST Help Wanted section, 12 January 1997], including one:

Special Education: Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (assistant professor).

Contact Anna Marie Giese, 970 351 2817 (TTY not indicated), Dean's Office, College of Education, UNC, Greeley, CO 80639

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In her "Simply living" column in THE BOULDER WEEKLY, 16 January 1997, headed "Silent language", Wendy Underhill interviews Cliff Moers and plans - - and reasons - - for opening the Magnet School of the Deaf (MSD).

Says Underhill, "My conversation with Moers . . . conducted over the telephone with an interpreter [was] just a bit about what constricted communciation feels like. I couldn't tell if he was irritated with my questions; I wasn't sure if he was joking . . .; I couldn't feel, through the interpreter's voice, if there was any warmth in his communication..."

Side-bar to the column: "The results of the current teaching are that deaf children tend to graduate from high school with third or fourth grade skills."

Continues Underhill, "As Moers says in what I think was a deadpan tone (if I can count on the interpreter to relay tone as well as words), the low scores are evidence that 'it's time to make a change'."

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In a letter to the editor, THE DENVER POST, 17 January 1997, under the heading, "Best of luck to school for [sic] the deaf", reported that a charter had been granted to a group of parents of deaf children in Jefferson County to establish a school utilizing children ('Charter school for deaf OK'd, December 13, 1996). They sought the charter for two years [actually 4]. Congratulations are in order for the group, and may they experience similar success in adminstering the program.

"The concept of using the combined approach, and in a public school setting, isn't new. In 1970 another group of parents wished for the same thing. The Colorado Department of Education, in collaboration with Jefferson County schools, authorized such as class and financed it with federal funds. While the program was a success, it was discontinued because of a lack of support from the Colorado [State] Board of Education and the Colorado General Assembly. What goes around comes around!"

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Excerpted from letter, dated November 14, 1996, received December 12, 1996, from Kimberley K Beardslee, Director, Gallaudet University Regional Center (GURC), Johnson County Community College (JCCC), 12345 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS 66210:

It has been our pleasure to work with so many of you in Colorado during past years. However, due to a restructuring of the GURCs, the responsibility for providing services to [Colorado] will be transferred from JCCC to the center in California.

... If you have questions or requests, please call or write to our new contact:

Michele Berke, Director, phone/TTY 510 659 6268, FAX 510 659 6033, e-mail, Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539

Again, it has been our pleasure to serve you, and we at GURC/JCCC wish you continued success.

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