DEAF-LINK COLORADO - DENVER DATA [interesting facts about Denver]


Are you aware that ...

... Tree-lined BROADWAY in the 1880s was the Denver "drag strip"? People drove their carriage rigs in the evening....

... COLUMBUS DAY started in Denver? Angelo Noces organized northside Italians to honor Columbus, and in 1907 it became a Colorado celebration.

... EGGS were $2.00 a dozen when wagon trains brought supplies to early Denver? (Comparable to $40-50 a dozen in today's dollars.)

... OVERLAND PARK was so named because people travelled 'overland' to reach it?

... The PROSPECTOR STATUE in front of Brooks Towers was formerly on top of the Mining Exchange Building?

... RUBY HILL was named for its "rubies" (which actually were very small garnets)?

... FLORENCE SABIN's statue in the U. S. Capitol's Statuary Hall, for her public health work (polio vaccine), represents Colorado?

Source: FOCUS (quarterly newsletter of Gates Retirees Club), Summer 1996, thanks to Bill Fraser.

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