"CAPTIONS CAPRICIOUS" [closed-captioning]

What's happening with the CBS news at 6:00 PM on Denver's KCNC/Channel 4? Towards the end of each broadcast, the closed-captioning disappears.... The same Very Annoying thing happens with the ending of most *other CBS shows. Is it the national network? The local station? My 4000 decoder? My TV set?

The slipcase for the video, THE RUDOLPH, FROSTY, AND FRIENDS SING-ALONG, marketed by the U S Postal Service (only $4.99, tax-free), has the "cc" symbol on all 4 sides. However, the video itself is not closed-captioned. Frrrustration! Note: Exchanging and then obtaining a refund for the tapes were hassle-free; postal clerks were amiable and understanding.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL, the 20th Century Fox video starring George C Scott, is closed-captioned. But instead of captioning all the words to all the Christmas carols, we get "[Singing carol]"! We can see they're singing, but we want to know what they're singing. Or do we?

Remember "the good old days" when Denver's KRMA/Channel 6 (PBS) was the only station to offer captioning and even signed news ("Eye Hear")? Nowadays, with more and more closed-captioning available, this Channel is becoming one of the worst, one with the least captioning. Case in point: That great show, DR ZHIVAGO, on December 28, 1996, was not closed-captioned.

How odd that an auto insurance company with a name like PROGRESSIVE does not closed-caption its TV commericals.