>>> From RELAY COLORADO TODAY, Winter 1997:

The Relay Colorado Consumer Council (RCCC) did not have a quorum for their meeting on 10 January 1997. Only relay account manager Van Scheppach, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) relay program administrator Bill Stricklen, and RCCC chairman Karen Keil showed up. They decided to suspend the RCCC function until fall 1997.

Scheppach and Stricklen will continue to outreach presentations to communities throughout Colorado. Contact Scheppach on 800 230 8609 for information and schedules.

Outbound call volume for Relay Colorado in October 1996 was 88,714, and 81,714 for November.

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Excerpts from Associated Press report by Elizabeth Weiss in THE DENVER POST, 3 February 1997:

Q: Add a cellular phone connection to a computer the size of a paper-back book, and what do you get?

A: A cellular phone for the Deaf, created and sold by a company called RadioMail!

"Something that's designed to be flexible for the business person on the go becomes something that can also be extremely useful for people who need visual communication because they can't use the telephone," said Betsy Bayha, director of communication policy at the World Institute on Disability in Oakland, California.

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At 23 million, the Deaf make up 10 percent of the US population, a huge market that gets larger as people get older and face diminishing hearing.

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